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review 2021
Written by Daichi Kato, Head of Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe

A Year in Review – The TOUGHBOOK Blog

What a year it’s been! As I get older, each year seems to go by faster and new technology trends seem to emerge ever more quickly. So, as we reach the end of another incredible and challenging year, let’s take a breath and look back at some of the key themes we covered in the TOUGHBOOK blog of 2021.

We stood in the streets to thank our emergency services and other key workers for the incredible job they did in supporting us through the pandemic. These vital services never seem to stand still and are constantly driving forward with the adoption of new technologies to improve communications and their effectiveness. At the first European TOUGHBOOK Police Forum we heard from European and US police forces about how technology is shaping the future of policing. We also discovered that the TOUGHBOOK 33 notebook is considered a friend of the fire service and a device that fire and field service organisations across Europe rely on every day for vital information when in the field. For the ambulance service, the recent European TOUGHBOOK Ambulance Forum was a chance to find out more about the technology and mobile computing trends that will influence emergency medical services over the coming year.

In another important area of healthcare, we learned that home carers across Europe rely on the resilience of TOUGHBOOK devices for their home calls with the saying: “If it’s good enough for nurses, then it’s good enough for everyone!”

In the Utilities sector, we read about how environmental, political and operational pressures were the three big challenges facing the industry in 2022. While in Logistics, wearable technology and rugged mobile devices for forklifts were transforming productivity.

There were also some big socio-economic and technology trends covered in the blog this year. We discussed how cultural and diversity differences are a strength in business. Hiroyuki Nishiuma, Managing Director of Panasonic Connect Europe, explained how Gemba Process Innovation can help to address labour shortages and other challenges in the supply change through innovation and the application of process re-engineering and new technologies.

Cybersecurity remains a major challenge for organisations and we learned that in the defence sector TEMPEST-certified mobile computing devices helps keep sensitive military information safe from prying eyes. We were educated about the emerging 5G revolution rolling out across Europe and the great strides that the Android operating system is making into the business world.

We look forward to sharing more great blog topics in 2022. In the meantime, wishing everyone a terrific holiday and happy and healthy New Year.

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