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European Toughbook police forum
Written by Peter Thomas, Regional Manager, Public Sector UK and Ireland, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

Technology is shaping the future of policing

The challenges facing today’s police forces and law enforcement agencies is greater than ever. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect, whilst public scrutiny and expectations grow. All this, in the face of ever tighter budgets.

Fortunately, the adoption and deployment of smart technology is one way that the police forces can push back against this tide. Technology is being used in a host of different ways to enable its officers to become more effective and efficient.

For example, rugged mobile computing devices are being used by forensic specialists to capture, process and analyse potential evidence faster at the scene of a crime. Police forces are equipping their officers in the community with mobile devices to enable them to spend more visible time, out on the streets rather than stuck completing admin in the office. Patrol cars equipped with the mobile computing devices can be used for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and accessing systems quickly when on the move.

Next week, on April 20th,  Panasonic will be hosting its first European TOUGHBOOK Police Forum to bring technology experts and international police forces together to discuss further how technology can shape the future of law enforcement.

Among the speakers, the London Metropolitan Police Force will discuss how its officers are using mobile computing devices on patrol and in vehicles for effective policing. City of Chesapeake Police from the US will explain how it is using technology for electronic ticketing.

Additional speaker topics include how to customise critical technology, the use of the Android operating system for public safety purposes, the importance of 5G for policing, the latest on Control and Command software and how the next generation Panasonic TOUGHBOOK solutions can assist in policing.

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the way work and no more so than in the world of law enforcement. As police forces grapple with how best to use and deploy technology to improve public safety, this forum is a unique opportunity to bring technology and policing professionals together to share how the latest solutions are being used successfully and to learn more about how new developments in hardware, communications and applications. I would urge all police force representatives with a technology responsibility or interest to register today.

Get the full insight and register for our European Police Forum event.

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