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Lind power supply with utilities and police worker in background
Written by Marcus Eisele, International Business Manager at Lind Electronics

Not all power adaptors are created equal!

When equipping your mobile workforce with the right computing device for their particular challenges, of course, specifying the right type of rugged solution to meet the need is critical.

Are the devices simply facing the everyday knocks and spills dished out occasionally by the over enthusiastic road sales warrior as they rush to their next appointment? Or do they need something a bit more specialized, a bit tougher, a bit more extreme? Perhaps, a rugged mobile computing device built for utility workers who spend their days up poles or down holes or logistics workers who might be taking their device from a chiller warehouse to their vehicle and then out in the rain.

All these elements are given careful consideration by buyers but not everyone is so conscientious about the essential peripherals that go with the device. It can be easily forgotten that these power adaptors, battery chargers and shut down timers often also need the same levels of design and ruggedness.

For example, all Lind Electronics adaptors are subjected to the same rugged design standards as Panasonic TOUGHBOOK products.  Additionally, we carry out multiple additional quality checks throughout the build process that ensure Lind Electronics adaptors stand up in the harshest of environments. So just what should buyers be looking out for when specifying power peripherals for their industry sector?

Lind power adaptor

Rugged devices require rugged adaptors

If your mobile workforce requires fully rugged computing devices, then they will need Fully Rugged Extreme DC/DC Adaptors. These adaptors meet the most common MIL-Standards (electrical and environmental): MIL-STD461F, MIL-STD1275D, and MIL-STD810G. The adaptors are housed in a rugged aluminium case, are also epoxy encapsulated and sealed to resist shock, moisture and dust. They also comply to RTCA/DO-160D (Section 21) requirement.

For rugged devices that are being used in vehicles, a Fully Rugged Standard DC/DC Adaptor is required. Epoxy potted and housed in an ABS case for durability and sealed to protect the adaptor from moisture and high humidity, these adaptors are specially designed to power rugged devices in the vehicle. These adaptors are equipped with many safety and technical features to ensure the highest level of performance and safe operation. Available for 12-16 or 12-32 Vdc power sources.

A man stood by a forklift truck

The Lind Shut Down Timer (SDT) protects the vehicle battery and the communications equipment from over discharge, low voltage and high voltage damage. It turns off electrical loads up to 30 amps at an adjustable pre-set time after the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. The SDT also protects radio or computer equipment from damage due to low or high input voltage as experienced with alternator failure, improper voltage jump-starts, installation errors or reverse polarity.

When using your rugged device with a forklift, in warehousing and for railway applications electrical isolation is critical. Fully Rugged Forklift DC/DC Adaptors ensure the electrical isolation between input and output prevents ground loops and filter voltage spikes and power surges occurring on the input voltage line, eliminating potential damage to the adaptor itself and to the rugged device. Available for 12-32Vdc, 20-60Vdc and 70-110Vdc power sources.

And to make your life even easier, Lind Electronics can easily customize these adaptors, so that they exactly match your needs. Choose from different cable material, customized cable lengths and special connectors to make your installation and setup as simple and efficient as possible.

So, the next time you pick up a power adaptor for your rugged device, you will know “not all are created equal.”

Lind works directly with users, installers & engineers in public safety, emergency services, military, material handling & logistics, healthcare, automotive, aviation, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, and utilities.


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