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Flexible Command and Control Software for Police Forces

Written by Tim Unger, Head of Sales for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK in the central Eastern European region. Alexander Kamlage from ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

Flexible Command and Control Software for Police Forces

Alexander and Timo

The use of mobile technology in emergency services is increasing. Timo Unger, of Panasonic, recently interviewed Alexander Kamlage from ESG, at the TOUGHBOOK European Police Forum to discuss the latest developments in Command & Control Software.

In the case of police and rescue operations, a smooth flow of communication can be decisive to the success of an operation but the conditions and the units involved often change for each call out.

A flexible and adjustable command and control system plus reliable hardware can be one of the keys to success. 

The German company ESG, with its Division ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY, is one of the leading providers of such systems and has a long history of providing solutions to the military, public authorities and industry. 

ESG offers a range of complete solutions for police forces and emergency services such as your professional command and control software TARANIS® Mobile. What is the benefit?

TARANIS® Mobile is our flexible command and control system for networking emergency forces. For example:

  • Police forces including SWAT for daily work or special operations.

  • Emergency organisations like medical services, fire departments or technical relief services (e.g. German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, THW).

  • Security services for large-scale events, like football games, fairs or music events. 

With its variable configuration options, the solution can be used in stationary control and operation centres as well as in highly mobile situations, for example, when in a vehicle or on foot. It can be used anywhere across Europe and is very straightforward and quick to set up. You only need an LTE module and a SIM card within your mobile computing device.


There are a number of advantages and functionalities for the user​:

  • An up-to-the-moment overview of the situation of your own forces and reported events/persons. ​
  • Secure, real-time and seamless connection between all participants.
  • An intuitive and touch-operated interface. ​
  • The highly secure solution can also be run on your own servers. ​
  • Ideal for evidence-based documentation and exact evaluation of operations. ​
  • Cost-effectively adaptable to your operational requirements.


Taranis Mobile

Now this is the software for the control or situation centre. But what about the officers in the field? How can you involve them in the connected system?

For field use we usually use TARANIS® Smart. TARANIS® Smart is our command and control system for highly mobile and unobtrusive operations. It supports individual officers in the police, special forces, rescue services, civil protection and other organisations.

The special thing about TARANIS® is that you can easily incorporate other organisations at short notice. You only need to hand over a TARANIS® equipped device and thanks to the intuitive interface everyone can use it immediately. For example, if you have a large-scale event, you can easily set up a team including police, medical services, fire services and so on and coordinate all these different units at the same time using our TARANIS® system.

There are a number of advantages and functionalities for the user​:

  • Suitable for modern smartphones/tablets, such as a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, giving the command and control system a device with long run-time and low weight. ​
  • It provides a highly up-to-date overview of the situation due to the integrated situation map, which shows your own forces and any events, incidents or anomalies.​
  • The system can be extended with any IP radio, in addition to GSM networks.


 Why have you chosen Panasonic TOUGHBOOK as a hardware partner?

Our command and control software is typically used outdoors, in tough environments and that’s where Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices come into play. The rugged TOUGHBOOK notebooks, tablets and handhelds are very well-suited for these special requirements. Panasonic is a reliable partner, open to developments with our software solutions. The hardware is always state-of-the-art and has an extremely low weight-to-performance ratio.

As you know, ESG works in the defence sector and we have already partnered with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK in other projects. We have always had very good experiences with your hardware and have also received positive user feedback.


Taranis Smart

Why do the police need special command and control software?  Wouldn’t something like WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams be enough?


 First, modern emergency forces need a complete system which can bring information together. Having to use many different systems would hamper the work of the individual officer. You cannot work effectively if you have to switch between different systems all the time.

Second, our system is based on military versions which operate in a strictly regulated and highly secure environment. This is also ideal for emergency services and other organisations.

Third, our products are flexible and expandable to meet the requirements of different users and future improvements.

Lastly, we can offer solutions without relying on LTE. For example, it can be used with IP radios.


More information about TARANIS® Public Security

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