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Encryption isn’t just for spies

Written by Peter Thomas, Defence Industry Regional Manager for Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe

Encryption isn’t just for spies

For many people, the thought of a laptop with an encrypted internal solid-state drive, certified for Top Secret information, sounds like a device used by James Bond. But protecting personal information and sensitive commercial data is now more important than ever, and the use of encrypted internal solid-state drives in laptops is spreading rapidly from the defence industry to other public sector and commercial organisations across Europe.

With statistics showing a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and with more and more workers having access to sensitive personal and commercial data via their mobile devices, it’s no wonder that organisations are looking for solutions. So, what are the options?


Viasat Data at Rest (DAR) hardware encryption products are industry-leading data storage security devices that are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, with the company’s Eclypt portfolio evaluated by the UK National Cyber Security Centre and used worldwide. Once integrated into a TOUGHBOOK device, it is then secured to carry data classified Top Secret and all security levels below, as well as certified for use by NATO and other European countries.

Viasat DAR encryption products encrypt data immediately and invisibly for up to 128 users per drive. The products, such as the Eclypt Core 600 and Eclypt Freedom 600, include mandatory two-factor authentication and don't require specialised IT knowledge from users.

Toughbook 55 in MOD

Industries in the private sector — such as financial services — and public-sector organisations in health, emergency services and local government, are increasingly turning to these solutions to mirror the security standards used by governments and militaries worldwide.

As a leading provider showing its deep commitment to the defence sector, Panasonic has a close working relationship with Viasat. Most recently, it has integrated the Viasat Eclypt Core Internal Solid State Drive into its latest rugged TOUGHBOOK 55 and plans to also integrate it into the TOUGHBOOK 40 notebook, based on the Intel 11th generation platform.

The drive is integrated using this Intel platform via the notebook’s modular universal bay.

The Viasat Eclypt technology integrates sophisticated authentication, entire-disk encryption and data storage into the rugged and tamper-resistant TOUGHBOOK device to safeguard the data. This provides instant data protection without any noticeable adverse effects to the laptop’s performance.

So, it seems likely that over the coming years, many more of us will become familiar with this type of encryption technology. Protecting our most valuable and sensitive data isn’t just for James Bond!

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