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Android Enterprise sees growth in digital transformation

Written by Andrew Braithwaite, Android Engineering Manager for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

Android Enterprise sees growth in digital transformation

The rise of Android mobile computing in business has grown at a pace with the introduction of Android Enterprise but according to Google, at the recent Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Innovation Forum, there is still plenty more opportunity in the marketplace. They say the desire for digital in businesses is outpacing reality and many more organisations will be rolling out mobile computing to their workforce to enable digital transformation. It’s supported by the statistics. The technology analysts IDG report that 89% of organisations say they have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital first strategy but only 41% of organisations have yet to fully embrace mobile computing technology.

It underlines why Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has developed ranges of both Windows and Android rugged mobile computing devices and the investment that Google continues to make in its Android Enterprise operating system.

They see mobility as one of the critical elements in achieving digital transformation in Enterprises. Essentially, it’s the presentation layer. Mobile computing devices provide employees with faster and simpler access to data that allows them to take informed decisions and actions in the workplace – improving productivity.

So the focus on Android Enterprise and meeting the needs of its user and IT administrators continues at a relentless pace. Some of the developments include:

Managed Google Play – assessible by IT admins only – making it easy to distribute, update and remotely configure applications on devices, without the need for user interaction.

Improved security, with Android Enterprise offering device-wide security opportunities with customisable employee enablement and IT control. The IT analysts Gartner have now rated Android as one of the most secure Operating Systems for Enterprises scoring it the highest rating in 26 out of the 30 security categories it measures against.

Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is also tuned for Enterprise use. It offers out of the box configuration and control for IT and is a familiar tool for users. It can be configured remotely and works with Managed Google Play for the deployment and use of web apps. For example, IT administrators can specify a URL for a web application and configure how it appears on the device to make it easy and secure to use for employees.

Google also works very closely with its partners, like Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, to ensure the combination of rugged mobile computing devices and the Android Enterprise operating system work seamlessly together. For example, Panasonic Toughbook uses Android Enterprise OEMConfig – a managed configuration solution for custom policies. It enables Panasonic to add functionality on top of the Android Enterprise OS that are specific to our devices and makes the update seamless for users.

In addition, Android Enterprise makes the preparation and roll-out of devices to the workforce easy. For example, you can provision devices in bulk using NFC and Zero Touch - used via Panasonic TOUGHBOOK’s COMPASS suite of tools for Android devices - to install apps and configure devices over the air. Another example is remote management, where admins can remotely control settings, monitor and reboot devices; and lock devices down to a single or set of apps for kiosk mode use.


Lastly, Google works closely with partners, like Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, to ensure that customers can choose their Android devices with confidence with its Android Enterprise Recommended program and product catalogue. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has been working with Google since the introduction of this program to ensure its Android devices are certified.

Choosing the right mobile computing device and operating system depends on the unique requirements of your organisation but you can rest assured that Google’s investment in Android Enterprise and its close working relationship with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK ensures there is a suitable rugged Android device for those that need it.

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Find out more by watching Google’s TOUGHBOOK Innovation Forum presentation.

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