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Att inte digitalisera är att avveckla

I det här avsnittet av Logistiksnack gästas vi av Jenny Molin, VD för Strömberg Distribution. Vi diskuterar digitalisering, arbetsmiljö och samarbete – och dessutom hållbarhet och vindkraft.

Digitalisierung der Kritischen Infrastrukturen

Mehr denn je gilt für die Betreiber kritischer Infrastruktur, allen voran die Energieversorger, ihre Prozesse effizient, stabil und sicher zu organisieren. Die Digitalisierung ist hier von entscheidender Bedeutung

The Sustainability Gap in Mobile Computing

European IT Buyers are stuck in a four-year cycle of refreshing their computing devices for the mobile workforce, despite increasing sustainability pressures, according to new research from Panasonic TOUGHBOOK.

Mobile managed services – A cure for IT headaches.

Lost devices and forgotten pins can be a headache for IT helpdesks but SOTI MobiControl, enhanced by the capability of TOUGHBOOK managed services are providing a cure. Adam Williams explains how…

Windows on the move – it’s even for gamers!

Observing a gamer on the train switch to using Microsoft Windows made Panasonic’s Brecht Dhooge realise that Windows on the move really had come of age.

Police Vehicle 2.0- The future of Digital Policing

Technology leaders have teamed up to enable German police officers to take the computing power they have in their vehicles with them onto the streets. Panasonic’s David Müller explains.

Drones in sewers – whatever next?

Earlier this year we looked at how technology was being used to plug the leaks in European water pipes, but Scottish Water is going one step further and using drones for its sewer surveys.

Fascinating Future for the Supply Chain

An extraordinary range of technologies are being developed and deployed to deliver the supply chain of the future. Rachael Pugh takes a look at some of the solutions discussed in a recent LinkedIn Livestream.

5 reasons why Android is a Business favourite

Android is taking the business world by storm. Ruggedised devices with increased security,
more computing power, advanced sensors and extra-long battery life. Baris Koc, Android Product Manager explains more...