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Mobile tech is helping Police

The role of mobile tech in helping to make the working lives of police officers easier, is a subject close to the heart of Daichi Kato. Here he explains how Panasonic’s European focus on the needs of police forces and wider public sector is helping.

Mobile Technology becomes operational tool

Fire services are continuing to deliver new operational benefits from the deployment of mobile technology. Daniel Grew, from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service tells their story.

Homecarers put rugged mobile tech to the test

Homecare nurses are being helped in their care of patients with mobile technology designed with their specific needs in mind. Panasonic’s Sebastian Laureyssens explains more.

Flexible Command and Control Software for Police

The use of mobile technology in emergency services is increasing. Timo Unger, of Panasonic, recently interviewed Alexander Kamlage from ESG, at the TOUGHBOOK European Police Forum to discuss the latest developments in Command & Control Software.

The rugged tablet has evolved

The development of the new TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet has parallels with a remarkable cycling success story. Dirk Weigelt, at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business, explains how.

It’s all Android, right?

The march of Android devices into businesses continues apace and there is plenty that appeals about the operating system but Jon Tucker warns to be careful about the device you choose.

Windows or Android? It depends on the need

Android or Windows on your mobile computing devices? We look at the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems.

Design matters for the tech to work

Poor design of mobile tech can be the ultimate frustration for workers. Baris Koc, European Product Manager for rugged mobile IT at Panasonic, takes a look at how the latest TOUGHBOOK S1 tablet has been designed with the mobile worker in mind.

Cultural and diversity differences are a strength

Cultural and diversity differences in business can be an incredible strength. Nathalie Vervaet, Sales Enablement Specialist at Panasonic, takes a look at the science that backs it up and wonders if we should be making more of the opportunity.