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Hur tar vi hand om alla returer?

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack har vi bjudit in Per Tegelström, som arbetar med affärsinnovation på Samhall, för att diskutera de olika aspekterna av den problematiska returhanteringen och hur man kan hantera den växande volymen av returer

Battery life making your blood boil?

We have all experienced the frustrations of battery problems with our mobile devices but there is hope for users and IT support teams. Rachael Pugh explains more.

Android and the Defence Industry

With the world becoming increasingly unstable, investment in technology for Defence continues a pace and demand for rugged Android mobile computing devices is on the rise. Peter Thomas explains why.

Snowdon Race 2022

In early May, two teams of TOUGHBOOK employees embarked on a corporate away day like no other – racing their way up Mount Snowdon with the latest TOUGHBOOK 40 in their hand luggage.

A Chameleon for the Defence and Security industry

With increasingly wide-ranging roles for people in the defence and security industry, choosing the right mobile computing solution can be a difficult challenge but the new chameleon-like rugged TOUGHBOOK 40 notebook is up to the task.

Innovations in Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories are transforming the way manufacturers work. We take a look at the latest innovations from the Manufacturing Innovation Forum.

We’re living through a technology revolution

Technology is changing the way we work, live and learn in incredible ways. We may be in the midst of another technological revolution but we just haven’t found the right name for it yet.

Two heads are better than one – even at a distance

Imagine working closely, day-to-day with someone for more than two years but never actually meeting them face-to-face. Unusual before the pandemic, but today much more common, so how do you work together when you are physically far apart?

Är öppna nätverk framtidens paketleveranslösning?

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack har vi bjudit in Markus Trautmann, till vardags kommunikationschef på iBoxen, för att diskutera öppna nätverk.