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The Metaverse or Web 3.0 – what does it all mean?

The Metaverse or Web 3.0 is making waves in the Media but what exactly is it and where are the business opportunities? Dan Creasey takes a closer look.

Maritime sector requires specialised IT partners

The maritime world is specific and everything revolves around timing. Flexibility, care and speed are then crucial. This requires an enormous amount of flexibility and knowledge from a supplier.

Pharma mobile computing needs under the microscope

The power users of the pharmaceutical industry have very specialist needs from their mobile computing devices. Mike Willett looks at the challenges when selecting a successful device for the pharma manufacturing lab.

Så kommer 5G att revolutionera svenska företag

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack diskuterar vi hur svenska företag och konsumenter kommer att kunna dra fördelar av den nya 5G-tekniken.

Technology improving lives

We imagine that technology breakthroughs instantly change our lives but in reality the most effective new technology slowly changes the way we live and work for the better. Lisbeth predicts we are at the beginning of another major period of change.

Key technology trends impacting Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services are finding new ways to communicate with patients and collaborate with colleagues while facing a huge public health crisis. Oliver Lobo, at White Space Strategy, looks at the trends and tech that are helping address the issues.

A Year in Review – The TOUGHBOOK Blog

With so much happening across the year with technology trends and mobile computing, we take a look back through the TOUGHBOOK Blogs of 2021 to pick out the key themes.

Så ser framtiden ut för logistikbranschen

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack diskuterar vi hur logistikbranschen möter framtiden, i närtid samt det långa loppet.

Windows oder Android? Es kommt auf den Einsatz an

Android oder Windows auf Ihren mobilen Computergeräten? Wir betrachten die Vor- und Nachteile beider Betriebssysteme.