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Android Enterprise – what’s the latest?

Google says the desire for digital is outpacing reality and many more organisations will be rolling out mobile computing to enable digital transformation. So, it’s been investing heavily in Android Enterprise. Read more about its latest developments

Windscreen wiper on a tablet – no problem!

Business uses for rugged mobile computing devices are expanding rapidly and always driven by customer challenges. Panasonic’s Concept in a Day approach shows how much can be quickly achieved when you have design capabilities at your fingertips.

The emergence of AI at the Edge

We are about to witness the next big technology inflection point and it’s being driven by AI at the edge of the network. We examine how this exciting innovation might transform mobile computing and applications.

The future for voice technology in the Enterprise

Developed in the 70’s, voice applications have taken time to reach the masses but are on the verge of changing the way we live and work. John Harris, from Panasonic TOUGHBOOK research and development, takes a look at the opportunities in business.

Tech trends transforming the logistics industry

The smooth running of supply chain logistics has never been more important to business. Technology has transformed the industry to ensure it continues to deliver under increasing pressures. We look at the latest tech trends and how they are helping.

The logistics industry’s sustainability hero

How are logistics companies managing the balance between profitable operation and sustainable business? And how are they treating sustainability as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition?

Digital twins in transportation

A giant leap for the logistics industry, but what is a digital twin? In short, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a virtual, duplicated model of a process, product or service. Read more.

How connectivity is driving the logistics industry

No sector is more familiar with the advantages of connected technology than transport and logistics. But where is the industry headed now? How is it adapting to the new challenges and emerging opportunities this decade presents?

AI and AR: Powering Logistics 4.0

When it comes to logistics, AI’s applications range from simple tasks like optimised freight route-mapping, to the more experimental, such as Google’s Tossing Bot1: a robot arm powered by machine learning technology. Read more.