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The Digital Soldier

Tablets, smartphones and smart glasses are well on their way to becoming key parts of a soldier’s tactical equipment. In the future, soldiers will be armed with electronics to enhance their ability to focus in operational situations.

Five tips for choosing the right mobile device

As the mobile workforce grows, high-performing mobile computing devices become ever more business critical. So, when it comes to buying new mobile technology, how do you ensure you’re choosing the right solution?

5 Ways Android can Supercharge your Business

The Android operating system is rapidly expanding in the business world as many believe it offers better flexibility, affordability and security. This article explores our top 5 reasons for why we think Android is excelling in the world of work.

What is MCaaS?

In an age where we can rent our cars by the hour, our homes by the day and sell our energy back to the grid, why not take a more OPEX approach to the devices we use for work? That’s where Mobile Computing-as-a-Service (MCaaS) comes in.

Do you have a Digital Toolbox?

For many engineers the days of lugging around a large bag or box for their tools of the trade is over. Today’s latest rugged mobile computing devices have become the new digital toolbox for diagnostics and repairs.

Future Technologies for Mobile Workforces

A wide range of exciting future technologies are being watched closely but what are businesses looking to adopt and capitalise on the most for their mobile workforces? Read what the research shows...

Cyber Security 101

As the explosion of apps, IoT and mobile users bring about countless possibilities for a cyber-attack, today’s savvy organisations understand that a breach is more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’. This post explains the essential of cyber security.

Will 5G be the technology to deliver Industry 4.0?

Many are predicting the introduction of 5G to underpin the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0, where everything is connected, processed and digitised - but what does this mean for business and the mobile workforce?

5 Ways to Avoid Rugged Confusion

Buyers of rugged mobile computing devices can be confused by the terminology describing just how tough their notebooks, tablets and handheld devices are. Dirk Weigelt looks at 5 hacks to avoid buying the wrong device.