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Warum der mobile IT Arbeitsplatz mehr Beachtung

Digitale Arbeitsumgebungen sind weit verbreitet – wie sieht es aber auf Baustellen oder im Unterhalt aus? Hier stoßen herkömmliche Geräte an ihre Grenzen. Betrachten wir also die Anforderungen an mobile IT Infrastruktur für raue Umgebungen genauer.

New ESN to transform mobile working

The new Emergency Services Network is set to replace the outdated Tetra system in Great Britain but what exactly are the benefits that this new platform will bring to emergency service operations?

Research shows handheld failures frustrate workers

Mobile computing promises to free-up the workforce from labour intensive, repetitive activities and improve productivity but research shows that mobile workers are feeling the frustrations with their current handheld mobile computing devices.

Powering Towards the Smart Meter targets of 2024

The UK energy regulator Ofgem is ramping up the pressure on suppliers to meet 2024 smart meter targets. The roll-out is anything but simple however the right choice in mobile computing can ease the burden.

Using Machine Learning to reduce Cyber Disasters

Like natural disaster preparedness and response, Machine Learning has important implications for endpoint security and the disaster that could originate on an endpoint while under a cyberattack.

Gemba is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

Business agility is the key to flourishing in today’s competitive commercial market but how is this achieved? This innovative concept from Panasonic in Japan, called Gemba Process Innovation, is helping businesses transform.

Hayatta Kalmanın Anahtarı Dijital Dönüşümde

Yıllardır iş hayatının en tartışmalı kavramlarından birisi olan dijital dönüşüm, gün geçtikçe daha fazla avantaj sunuyor ve bir o kadar da kritik bir öneme sahip oluyor.

Digital Transformation is the Key to Survival

Digital transformation, one of the most controversial terms in business life, offers many advantages and is becoming more critical each day.

Prevent & predict downtime on mobile devices

The tools in place to manage business-critical mobile devices today are unable to meet the demands of 24x7 uptime and availability. It’s time to shift the management of mobility to a more proactive and even predictive approach.