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Behind the scenes at TOUGHBOOK in Japan

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices have a reputation for being some of the toughest mobile devices in the world, so what exactly makes a TOUGHBOOK tough? Daniel Creasey takes a behind the scenes tour of manufacturing in Japan to find out.

How Generation Z might change the workplace

The Who may have coined a phrase with My Generation but we are all familiar with the generational classifications of Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z but just what are the differences and how might they change the workplace?

New business solutions for the “new normal”

The world seemingly stands still: Lockdown, uncertainty, anxiety and social distancing have been— and still are - dominating our lives. Different business sectors are now being asked to adapt to this “new normal” at record speed – but how?

Creating a Vehicle Docking Station

Developing a docking station to safely and securely house rugged devices in vehicles is no simple task; however through close partnership with the OEM, Havis Inc successfully delivers time and time again. Here’s the process they go through.

Pothole problems solved with 3D and AI technology

Potholes give drivers that sinking feeling and cost local authorities billions to repair but one innovative company is having international success after finding a way to use 3D and AI technology with mobile computing devices to fix the roads faster.

Demystifying ESN for in-vehicle connectivity

With the new Emergency Services Network continuing to roll-out across Great Britain, Panasonic’s Will Holmes looks at the latest developments and in particular the implications for in-vehicle provision of data services.

What is Cyber Resilience?

A cyber resilient company is in the best position to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyberattack. This post looks at how to ensure your organisation is cyber resilient and self-healing.

The Sustainable IT Challenge for Mobile Computing

Although there is a clear desire for businesses to implement sustainable IT practises, in reality it is proving difficult to achieve. See what IT buyers say about the challenges of implementing sustainable mobile computing strategies.

Mobile computing analytics

Mobile computing has brought big business benefits but users say device reliability is starting to impact on their ability to carry out work and its costing the employer. Is mobile computing analytics the missing piece of the puzzle?