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Gemba Process Innovation

With businesses across Europe facing a perfect storm of changing buying behaviours and digital disruption, the time is right for the next wave of business innovation - Gemba Process Innovation.

Rugged devices saving lives at sea.

We are all used to seeing Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices used for work in all sorts of extreme conditions but did you know that they also have valuable roles to play on the ocean waves?

Cybersecurity in the Utilities industry

With utility companies under constant threat of cyber-attack, we take a closer look at the latest numbers and examine just how these business are defending our vital infrastructures to keep the lights on and the water flowing.

Voice Picking: Sprachgeführte Kommissionierung

Angesichts des rasanten Wachstums des E-Commerce, kann der Aufstieg automatisierter Sprachauswahl sog. Voice Picking Lösung dazu beitragen, Fehler zu reduzieren und die Produktivität zu steigern.

Geotagging und Geofencing für die Baubranche

Bei GPS-Technologie denken die meisten Menschen an Navigationsgeräte, aber Michael Rosen erklärt, dass das Satellitensystem in Kombination mit robusten, mobilen Computern ein leistungsstarkes Werkzeug für die Bauindustrie sein kann.

What makes a great business leader?

Effective leadership is a key pillar of success for any business and all successful sports teams. Panasonic has been talking to Sam Warburton, former British and Irish Lions Rugby Captain, to understand what he sees as the secret to success.

Revitalising Retail in a post-COVID world

As Europe deals with the pandemic, early signs for the retail industry are that sales have started to bounce back. However, the recovery is fragile. Sean Taylor, Head of Panasonic Retail Solutions UK, looks at how technological advances can assist.

Voice picking solutions drive efficiencies

With the rapid growth in ecommerce placing increased pressures on warehouse and logistics operations to deliver, the rise of automated voice picking solutions can help drive down errors and boost productivity.

Geotagging and Geofencing for Construction

GPS technology may conjure thoughts of sat-nav to many of us but Michael Rosen explains that the satellite system combined with rugged mobile computing devices can be a powerful tool for the construction industry.