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Omnichannel retail – simple steps to get it right

It’s a term often used in the modern world of commerce and commonly misunderstood. So how can you develop a successful omnichannel retail strategy and who should it target? The answer lies in a closer look at who is buying and how they choose to buy.

Some Relationships are Destined Not to Last

When it comes to specifying business equipment, it makes sense to build a relationship that will last - A truly rugged device is more than just hardware wrapped in a tough shell; it should be designed to be rugged from the inside out.

How Tough Does Your Mobile Tech Need To Be?

How important is it to ensure that your device does what it purports to do? We all enjoy watching those videos of laptops being blown up, run over by tanks or dropped in water, but in reality just how tough does our business tech need to be?

It's wise to customise!

With the productivity benefits of computing migrating out of the office into mobile workforces, it’s surprising to learn that so few businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that additional customisation can bring.

Are you using the right tools for the job?

As consumerisation blurs the lines between business and consumer mobile devices, key business decision makers are often confused - do they need a fully ruggedised device which can be more expensive than a consumer product? Sometimes they do...

Android on the March

Android is accelerating. It’s taking our businesses by storm at a rate that’s set to continue.