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Innovations in Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories are transforming the way manufacturers work. We take a look at the latest innovations from the Manufacturing Innovation Forum.

We’re living through a technology revolution

Technology is changing the way we work, live and learn in incredible ways. We may be in the midst of another technological revolution but we just haven’t found the right name for it yet.

Two heads are better than one – even at a distance

Imagine working closely, day-to-day with someone for more than two years but never actually meeting them face-to-face. Unusual before the pandemic, but today much more common, so how do you work together when you are physically far apart?

Är öppna nätverk framtidens paketleveranslösning?

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack har vi bjudit in Markus Trautmann, till vardags kommunikationschef på iBoxen, för att diskutera öppna nätverk.

TOUGHBOOK devices are a sustainable solution

Panasonic’s Environment Vision 2050 covers a wide range of initiatives and objectives but it can be summed up in one simple goal: to make the energy we create exceed the energy we use, both within the company and in the products we sell.

Hur bör företag tänka kring TCO och hållbar IT?

I det senaste avsnittet av Logistiksnack har vi bjudit in Rikard Hilding, till vardags Head of Front End Services på 3 Step IT, för att diskutera vad TCO är och hur företag bör tänka kring det.

Is the time right to OPEX your IT investment?

With an increasingly difficult economic business environment where conserving cash is king, the time could be right to consider OPEX instead of CAPEX for your next IT investment.

Are you easy to do business with?

Making organisations easy to do business with is the focus of multi-tasking Head of Customer Experience Claire Harvey. Here she talks about the challenges of transforming large organisations to ensure it’s the case.

Shaping the future of manufacturing

Manufacturers are looking to technology to help shape their futures and a new online Manufacturing Innovation Forum looks set to shine a spotlight on how.