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How rugged technology helped Antarctic explorers

Earlier this year, a team of Spanish investigators undertook an expedition to unexplored areas of Antarctica as part of the Trineo de Viento project. There, they carried out important scientific research. Rugged technology was key to the mission.

Aanschaf van een tablet voor op de werkvloer

We zien nog te vaak dat mobiele werknemers moeten werken met hardware die niet geschikt is voor de werkomstandigheden waardoor de voordelen van het digitaliseringstraject teniet worde gedaan. Deze 10 vragen helpen je om de juiste keuze te maken.

Choosing the right tablet for work

All too often we see mobile employees working with hardware that is not suitable for their working conditions, which means that the benefits of the digitization process are canceled out. These 10 questions will help you make the right choice.

Expert Q&A: Forklift Mounted Rugged Tablets

In this Q&A, our expert discusses the challenges of forklift truck-mounted devices and explains the difference that forklift-mounted rugged tablets are making in warehouses, distribution centres and on plant floors in nearly all industries right now.

Windows 7 End of Service: Time to take action

With Windows 7 going End of Life on January 14th, 2020, business need to take action to avoid security, application and hardware issues. Pansonic explains more.

Just what is Microsoft’s new Secured-core PC?

Microsoft today announced its next major step in PC security with the introduction of the Secured-core PC. We explain just what all the fuss is about and why businesses with sensitive data should take note.

Painless device deployment with Windows Autopilot

Cloud-based services are transforming the way that enterprises can deploy their computing devices. Businesses can slash IT administration time and improve user experience when deploying Windows 10 devices using Windows Autopilot. Find out how...

Omnichannel retail – simple steps to get it right

It’s a term often used in the modern world of commerce and commonly misunderstood. So how can you develop a successful omnichannel retail strategy and who should it target? The answer lies in a closer look at who is buying and how they choose to buy.

Some Relationships are Destined Not to Last

When it comes to specifying business equipment, it makes sense to build a relationship that will last - A truly rugged device is more than just hardware wrapped in a tough shell; it should be designed to be rugged from the inside out.