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Fascinating Future for the Supply Chain

An extraordinary range of technologies are being developed and deployed to deliver the supply chain of the future. Rachael Pugh takes a look at some of the solutions discussed in a recent LinkedIn Livestream.

5 reasons why Android is a Business favourite

Android is taking the business world by storm. Ruggedised devices with increased security,
more computing power, advanced sensors and extra-long battery life. Baris Koc, Android Product Manager explains more...

Encryption isn’t just for spies

Protecting personal information and sensitive commercial data is more important than ever, and the use of encrypted, internal solid-state drives in laptops is spreading rapidly from the defence industry to other organisations.

The delivery driver’s new best friend

There is a new technology best friend for last mile delivery drivers. A new rugged handheld device promises to ease some of the pressures on this rapidly growing sector.

Speed is essential when plugging water leaks

Climate change is putting pressure on Europe’s water supply and water leaks are compounding the problem. We look at how legislators and water companies are working together and using technology to help solve the problem.

Water Tight Security

Increased national security and a recent attempted cyberattack on a water treatment plant have further focused the water industry’s mind on the issue of security.

Answering CFO Questions on Mobile Device Usage

Gary Lee, Chief Revenue Officer at B2M Solutions explores how Smart Essentials Enterprise Mobility Intelligence software can give Finance Managers full visibility on the utilisation of devices and data plans.

What will you be reading on your summer holiday?

It’s summer holiday season and many of us will be looking forward to reading the latest blockbuster on the beach…or you could take the time to catch-up on some of the highlights from the year so far on the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Blog!

The mobile tech driving forklift efficiency

Pairing the right, rugged mobile technology with tailored software systems can revolutionise forklift productivity, reduce downtime, and generate valuable insights to inform smarter operations.